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Stay tune because we will rock the google playstore by providing indian flavours.

United Apps India develop android apps with Indian languages along with english. Our mission is to make India digital by providing affordable android mobile application. More application is on the way to rock the google play store like never before in India. We are trying to put all Indian languages into our app. By heart we are welcoming all Indian citizen to use our app and let us know the suggestion to make our app better. "WE LOVE INDIA" , "LONG LIVE INDIA"

What do we offer

United Calc : A simple and powerful equation based calculator. It supports 11 indian languages , 4 vibrant themes and quick percentage calculation. Currently we have two versions, UnitedCalc Free* (with ad) and UnitedCalc+ (without ad). 

*Layouts are little different in sizes in both the version due to ad banners.


11 Indian Languages

Supports 11 Indian languages along with English. Taste your calculator in Indian flavour. We are continuously working to add more languages. Stay tune and update the app frequently.

Quick Percentage

Going for shopping, want to calculate discounts faster, Running a shop and wanted to calculate GST faster ? Use our quick percentage calculation feature.

Unlimited Equation

Type as many as your equation can go, we will calculate this for you. To review what you have typed you can scroll through the whole equation to validate. 

4 Vibrant Themes

4 vibrant themes have created. 

Grass Grey, Sky White, Coral Blue & Lime Red.

Check out our Gallery

Check out the first look in below Youtube link.

  • Get UnitedCalc (with Advertisement) from below link.
  • Get UnitedCalc+ (No Advertisement) from below link.

1. Simple expression based Calculator which supports plus, minus, multiply, division and percentage calculation.

2. Supports 11 Indian languages along with English.

3. Quick percentage calculation for GST, Discounts and many more.

4. Four vibrant themes.

5. Last ten calculation history.

6. Vibration with various strength.

7. Controlling decimal points up to 30 digits (Result is rounded up).

8. Calculate almost any big number.

Disclaimer : Language support depends on the mobile compatibility. Please note that this app might not behave accurately if user forces non mathematical expression, though this app handles many invalid user inputs. Forcefully closure of this app or any unwanted shutdown may lead to crash. Though this app has been rigorously tested, the developers are not responsible for any damages or loss in data with the usage of this application. Ads displayed in this app are totally controlled by Google Inc (AdMob).

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